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Tree Pruning -Service

Tree Pruning

Why prune?

Trees can be pruned to resolve one or more issues. For example:

  • Reduce the overall size of the trees 

  • Remove deadwood or disease 

  • Remove branches close to buildings

  • Improve access beneath the tree 

  • Repair storm damage

  • Promote growth for fruit

How do we prune?

We prune in a way that maintains the health of the trees, selecting the most appropriate technique(s) for the circumstances.

The main forms of pruning

Crown reduction 

Makes the tree smaller whilst still retaining the natural, balanced crown. 

Top healthy tip: Ideally, remove no more than 15 to 25% of the canopy of foliage. 

Crown lifting

Removal of the lower branches to create a clearance above the surface below. 

Top healthy tip: Usually, aim to achieve a ratio of 30% tree trunk to 70% foliage. 

Crown thinning 

Removal of crossing branches and deadwood, retaining the framework branches while reducing the leaf area of the canopy by a given percentage. 

Top healthy tip: Ideally remove no more than 25% of the leaf area.


For certain species, periodically removing all branches (leaving a bare, ball-shaped trunk) to give the tree a longer life span. 

Top healthy tip: Start with young trees and re-pollard on a regular basis.

 Target pruning

Pruning to balance the crown of the tree in certain areas, leaving the canopy in a natural shape and discouraging dieback and decay.

Top healthy tip: Ideally, remove no more than 15 to 25% of the canopy of foliage. 

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Tree Removal - Services
Pawson Tree Care - Tree Removal Market Harborough.jpg

Tree Removal

We can complete the controlled removal of individual trees in confined areas through to the garden clearance of trees, hedges and shrubs. 

Our initial assessment will recommend the technique(s) suited to your circumstances: 

Tree dismantling

Cutting the tree into small sections and piecing down in a safe and controlled manner.

Appropriate for: Confined and small spaces or areas with obstacles/targets.​

Tree felling

Removal of a tree at ground level using a direction and back-cut.

Appropriate for: Areas without obstacles/targets.

Tree dismantling in confined areas is one of our specialities.

Tree Stump Removal - Services

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are removed to prevent re-generation in some species, create space for re-planting and reduce the risk of decay fungus on the site.

We offer a choice of techniques: 

Stump grinding 

Specialist machinery (stump grinder) removes the stumps and the buttress roots to a minimum depth of 6 inches below the immediately adjacent ground level.

  • Wood chippings remain on site to rot down (if removed, a depression will occur).

Eco plugging

Eco plugs (granular glyphosate in a plastic plug) are inserted into the tree stump. The glyphosate herbicide prevents new growth, leaving the stump to gradually rot away.

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Hedge Maintenance - Services
Pawson Tree Care - Hedge Trimming and pruning Northampton.jpg

Hedge Maintenance

We offer a variety of hedgerow management services tailored to client wishes, species and lay of hedge.

Popular services: 

  • Hedge cutting and hedge trimming 

  • Topiary - trimming the foliage to develop and maintain clearly-defined shapes

Other services:

  • Hedge reduction

  • Hedge removal  

Tree Consultancy - Services

Tree Consultancy

We provide a range of tree consultancy services.

Offering advice: 

Advice on the care and management of trees with solutions and actions to restore and maintain a healthy tree.

Applying to planning authorities:

Preparation and submission of planning applications for work to be carried out on trees protected by preservation orders and conservation areas. 

Undertaking tree surveys:

Concerned about the health or safety of trees? Our tree conditions survey will report on any defects and make recommendations to reduce liability and risk.

Preparing a planning application? Our BS5837 survey determines whether the development will have an impact on the important trees in the landscape. 

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Emergency Call Outs - Services
Paswon Tree Care - Emergency Call Outs in Leicester.jpg

Emergency Call Outs

Trees often fall over without warning due to high winds or storms - sometimes blocking roads or damaging buildings and vehicles.

We can deal with a fallen tree quickly and efficiently, no matter what time of day or night:

  • 24 hour service   

  • Rapid response  

  • Roadside works  

If you have an emergency and need emergency tree work undertaking, contact: 

07837 273 014 ​

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